Fire insurance is a type of insurance to protect your personal property such as office, shop, home, factory, and apartment buildings, from any losses or damages caused by a fire. Fire insurance is an agreement between an insurance company and the policyholder. If your properties are damaged and destroyed in a fire, the insurance company pays a certain amount as compensation. Desh General Insurance Company Limited (DGIC) understands the importance of your valuable things, that’s why we offer you a fire insurance policy.

The insurance may not save your property from fire but the compensation amount can help you set up your business or other things.

Object Covered Under Fire Insurance:

  • Building
  • Electrical Installation in building
  • Machinery, Plant, and equipment
  • Goods (raw materials, stocks in process, semi-finished, finished, etc.) in factories
  • Godowns, Goods in open
  • Contents in dwellings (Household)
  • Shops, Hotel, etc.
  • Furniture, fixtures, and fittings, pipelines, etc.



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