Message From Honorable CEO

Heartiest greetings to the visitors of our Web page. Equipped with a team of experienced personnel, our company is ever-ready to cater to all your insurance needs. We provide protection to your property and cover unfortunate casualties.

Almost all the Multi-nationals working in Bangladesh are in our portfolio and we provide them with international standard insurance services.

We look forward to reaching you through our personalized services as well as through the Internet. We assure you of quality services at the most competitive price. We promise to be beside you as soon as there is a need.

We would appreciate your views on any profile of our company.

Mohd. Abul Kashem
Chief Executive Officer (Current Charge)
Desh General Insurance Company Limited (DGIC)

Md. Abul Kashem
Honorable Chief Executive Officer
Desh General Insurance Limited
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Greetings !!
Heartiest greetings to the visitors of our web page.
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Thank You !
We wish our visitors good luck.
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